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Spatial Computing: CUB3D

This is a website for the Spatial Computing project at the minor of Spatial Computing in Architectural Design at TU Delft, as given at the faculty of Architecture and the Built environment.

We are a group of four students following the course BK7083: Computational Design Studio. Here you can see our progress and discoveries made during this course. The progress is split up into four parts: Planning, Configuring, Massing and Forming. There is also an index given where there is a more in depth view of the code and the progress we made along the way.

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Puzzle solver:

Hugo van Rossum


Maren Hengelmolen


Liva Sadovska


Sander Bentvelsen


Responsible instructor:

Ir. P. Nourian (TU Delft, Design Informatics- PZN)


Ir. Shervin Azadi (TU Delft, Design Informatics - SAZ)

Ir. Hans Hoogenboom (TU Delft, Design Informatics - HHG)